My mom’s orange cake pre-cooking. Doesn’t it look FABULOUS already?!

The way he delivered that line was just PERFECT.

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I love how he then had to explain to the audience that he was joking.


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Waiting for Into The Woods to start

greenk asked: hey, uh. want to write me a fic where Will is alive and my life isn't in shambles?

Yup. That’s the plan.

I still don’t believe it

It’s nine in the morning. I’ve had a good night’s sleep, I’m having breakfast, the sun is painting bright bold strokes across the living room floor. It looks like a promising day.

Then I turn on my phone and I see I have a Facebook alert. A good friend of mine’s left a message on my wall, and it reads: “DON’T WATCH THE GOOD WIFE, JULIE. DON’T DO IT.” Of course I’m mighty intrigued, and a little freaked out. My brain starts running scenarios - something happening to Alicia’s delightful brother Owen, Will testifying against Peter, something bad. And in my mind those are pretty bad, because The Good Wife has never gone for cheap dramatics. No one’s ever died in that show. The drama goes on at a deeper, more personal level, and that’s part of what I love about it. 

Nevertheless, I’m uneasy, and I decide i’d better watch now - I have three hours until I need to be at work - than spend the whole day wondering what happened to make my friend tell me (in all caps) not to watch.

So I’m here watching and the episode’s great as usual. The Good Wife has always been amazing, but lately it’s gotten even better. I’m thirty minutes into the episode and loving it and so far I have no idea why I shouldn’t be watching. That’s when it all goes south. 

The young guy Will is trying to keep from going to jail (poor lad’s been accused of murder) panics and grabs a gun from a security guy (a cop? I don’t know). We don’t even see it happen; we’re transported to the next courtroom where Diane is pleading. All we hear is a gunshot, and I have my hand over my mouth because I’m thinking the poor defendant shot himself and he was innocent and we liked him. I’ve already got tears in my eyes when suddenly there are others. Other gunshots.

It doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand.

He’s desperate, all right but why shoot anyone but himself?

The next few minutes are a blur with Diane rushing out into the hallway and finding Kalinda, Kalinda pushing her way back into Will’s courtroom which a crowd of distraught people is fleeing. And I see that Kalinda knows the lone shoe that’s lying in the middle of the deserted courtroom, I see her move forward and discover Will with blood staining his neck, the other lawyer - the prosecutor - trying to stop the bleeding. And still I don’t understand, still it doesn’t make sense.

He cannot die.

He’s the male lead. He cannot die.

Next thing I know Kalinda and Diane are waiting at the hospital, trying to find information, and even then - even with my friend’s warning - I’m confident. I mean, who would kill off their male lead, right? Surely a doctor’s going to come find Diane and Kalinda, and he’ll tell them how close a call it was and how Will’s not out of the woods yet, and we might even get to see Alicia rushing to the hospital and staring longingly at Will in his hospital bed.

But that’s not what happens.

Instead Kalinda - again - catches a glimpse of a foot missing a shoe, a foot we’ve grown very familiar with over the last few minutes, and the foot belongs to a body on a gurney. A gurney, not an operation room with three or four doctors working to save his life.

I’m still watching in disbelief as Kalinda walks up to the body and lifts the sheet to uncover Will’s face.

I press pause. I blink.

Impossible, I think. They can’t bring him back from the dead; this is a realistic show. They can’t possibly have killed him.

Everything in me is denial. Everything in me is screaming.

I walk away from the computer. No. No, no, no. It’s the only thing that will come out of my mouth. It’s not a pretty sight, me breaking down and sobbing my heart out, grabbing my sister’s human-sized teddy bear for comfort. But I can’t help it. I love Will as much as I’ve ever loved a TV show character. He’s flawed of course, he’s cocky and will never admit that he’s wrong, but those five seasons - four and a half - have made me fall in love with him. I just can’t bear to think he’s dead.

He’s not, I tell myself. I’ll stop watching the show and he’ll live on. He and Alicia will finally get back together and she’ll get a divorce and it will all be good.

Josh Charles wanted to leave the show, I read later, after I’ve stopped sobbing.

Well, I don’t care what Josh Charles wanted. 

All I know is I’m not sure I can watch my favorite show anymore - the one I consider the best-written show I’ve ever watched. And I don’t care who’s responsible, the producers, the writers, Josh Charles - I don’t care.

I can’t watch my favorite show anymore and it SUCKS. Big time.

Feels like spring.

I saw some rather…interesting shoes at the Kunsthal museum in Rotterdam.





i could see that. 

i would watch that.

now that’s something that would be worth watching

"Daniel could be Snape"

I’m actually 1100% behind this

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Anonymous asked: Just re-read Against All Odds, and was wondering have you ever considered doing a one(or two)-shot of the dinner with Espo, Ryan, Lanie and Jenny and/or Kate's reunion with her dad? I have to admit to being disappointed we didn't get to read either of those.

You’re not the only one, haha. But I… I don’t know. The premise was very clear to me from the beginning - this was a story about Castle and Beckett, about them finding their way back to each other despite the terrible circumstances. About love being able to overcome anything. Espo, Ryan, Lanie, Jenny - even Kate’s dad - they’re not a part of that story. Not really. They’re at the sidelines and ultimately they will be allowed into Kate’s world again, but that’s where my story ends. Or well, the story I was interested in telling anyway. 

Also it would be really hard to stay away from unnecessary pathos when writing a reunion scene - I don’t know that I could do it - and I just…don’t see the point, honestly. And I suck at group scenes, lol. Which doesn’t help.

So to answer your question, yes, I’ve considered it, because many people asked. But I’m sorry - I don’t think it’ll ever happen. :)